Biographie de Jacques Selle
Born in Fécamp, Normandy, his first links with nature were inevitably determined by the sea, by flints on the shore, and by the cliffs
   Many years spent working with metals, woods and plastics allowed him to explore the seductive properties of materials.
Extensive travel and residence in India, Africa, and Central and South América have contributed to his central defintion of the vital bond between man and the earth.

   In 1986 he joined a group in Paris dedicated to theory and pratice in the plastic arts.
   Since 1991, Jacques Selle has exhibited in Paris, Normandy, Savoy and Geneva.
Among his themes have been : metamorphoses, earths from others places, the lights and colours of the Chilean island of Chiloe, seascapes, blue spaces, the Gulf of the St. Lawrence river and Japanese compositions.

1999 saw the establishing of a studio/worhshop in Normandy, in a 17th Century setting in Pont l’Evêque, a historic town on the highway linking Caen with Deauville and Honfleur.
In 2002 the town of Pont l’Evêque hosted "The Journey", a ten-year restrospective exhibition of his painting.xte

Jacques Selle
Jacques Selle artiste peintre
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