Biographie de Jacques Selle

Seascapes and blue spaces, or another way of looking…

The lyricism of shorelines. The sea, the deep sea far from land, in torment, with all the majesty of its peaks and troughs or at times a doubt about what is sea and what is land. The watery expanses of chalk-white and sea-green. Fractal shapes which draw one to a unified vision of nature. Immersion in matter, water and light.

All those fleeting memories, expressed in different formats in such a way that the initial outward signs of confusion can in the end strike a chord with both the senses and the sheer delight of discovery.

46 x 38 cm
Profondeur marine
116 x 89 cm
Pacifique sud
65 x 54 cm
50 x 35 cm
60 x 60 cm
La nuit des temps 116 x 89 cm
Sans titre
60 x 60 cm
65 x 54 cm
Embouchure du Saint-Laurent
91 x 60 cm
Cote Est
41 x 33 cm
Bleu de profondeur/Bleu de ciel
130 x 96 cm
65 x 54 cm
Sortie d'écluse
81 x 65 cm
Roches et profondeur
116 x 81 cm
Retour de pêche
65 x 54 cm
43 x 35 cm
Force 7
Quand la mer se retire

Jacques Selle
Jacques Selle artiste peintre
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